Plastic Seal S550

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Plastic Seal S550

Product no.: S550


The small S550 pull-up plastic seals are particularly suitable for emergency cases, first aid boxes and ambulandce boxes or objects that have to be opened quickly.
The light body is made out of polypropylene and
can be easily closed, which makes the seal a good solution for optical sealing. The seal can be opened by gently pulling it.

Due to its structure, the S550 pull-up plastic seal has to be closed by using a tool, e.g. a sealing plier or a tong, to guarantee protection against manipulation.


Technical Details:

  • Seals type: Twist Seal
  • Classification: indicative seal
  • Material: Polyprobylene (PP)
  • Removal: by Hand
  • Tensile force: ~2 kgf / ~20 N /~ 4,4 lbs
  • Working temperature: -40°C / +80°C
  • Color: Red,



  • Total lengh: 142 mm
  • Operational lengh: ~ 110 mm
  • Diameter: Ø 1,15 mm
  • Flag: 12 x 12 mm


Print and Customisation:

  • No print - the S550 must be squeezed by sealing pliers
  • Engraved stamps can be used, for more information please contact us: